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BOX SET - 7xCDs+DVD+Booklet

Limited Edition 2017 reissue of the 2014 Radio Birdman complete boxset

This box set contains: All three studio albums (1976-1978), previously unreleased live album (1977), three bonus discs of previously unreleased or currently unavailable material, all regions PAL format DVD (6 tracks), and 40 page booklet - all housed in a sturdy box set

CD1 - Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version)

CD1-1 T.V. Eye CD1-2 Murder City Nights CD1-3 Anglo Girl Desire CD1-4 Man With Golden Helmet CD1-5 Descent Into The Maelstrom CD1-6 Monday Morning Gunk CD1-7 Do The Pop CD1-8 Love Kills CD1-9 Hand Of Law CD1-10 New Race

CD2 - Bonus CD - Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version)

CD2-1 Smith And Wesson Blues CD2-2 I 94 CD2-3 Snake CD2-4 Burn My Eye CD2-5 Love Kills CD2-6 Insane Alive CD2-7 I 94 CD2-8 Descent Into The Maelstrom CD2-9 Man With Golden Helmet CD2-10 Snake CD2-11 Hand Of Law CD2-12 Anglo Girl Desire

CD3 - Radios Appear (Sire Version)

CD3-1 What Gives? CD3-2 Non Stop Girls CD3-3 Do The Pop CD3-4 Man With Golden Helmet CD3-5 Descent Into The Maelstrom CD3-6 New Race CD3-7 Aloha Steve & Danno CD3-8 Anglo Girl Desire CD3-9 Murder City Nights CD3-10 You're Gonna Miss Me CD3-11 Hand Of Law CD3-12 Hit Them Again

CD$ - Bonus CD - Radios Appear (Sire Version)

CD4-1 You're Gonna Miss Me CD4-2 Shakin' Street CD4-3 Hit Them Again CD4-4 Anglo Girl Desire CD4-5 Non Stop Girls CD4-6 Aloha Steve & Danno CD4-7 Breaks My Heart CD4-8 Crying Sun CD4-9 Do The Pop CD4-10 More Fun CD4-11 What Gives? CD4-12 Love Kills

CD5 - Living Eyes

CD5-1 More Fun CD5-2 T.P.B.R. Combo CD5-3 455 SD CD5-4 Do The Movin' Change CD5-5 I 94 CD5-6 Iskender Time CD5-7 Burn My Eye '78 CD5-8 Time To Fall CD5-9 Smith And Wesson Blues CD5-10 Crying Sun CD5-11 Breaks My Heart CD5-12 Alone In The Endzone CD5-13 Hanging On

CD6 - Bonus CD - Living Eyes

CD6-1 Hanging On CD6-2 455 SD CD6-3 Do The Movin' Change CD6-4 T.P.B.R. Combo CD6-5 I 94 CD6-6 Iskender Time CD6-7 Burn My Eye '78 CD6-8 Alien Skies CD6-9 Time To Fall CD6-10 Smith And Wesson Blues CD6-11 Crying Sun CD6-12 Breaks My Heart CD6-13 More Fun CD6-14 Alone In The Endzone CD6-15 Dark Surprise CD6-16 Didn't Tell The Man CD6-17 Death By The Gun CD6-18 Dark Surprise CD6-19 Breaks My Heart CD6-20 More Fun

CD7 - Live At Paddington Town Hall 12th December 1977

CD7-1 New Race CD7-2 Descent Into The Maelstrom CD7-3 Anglo Girl Desire CD7-4 Murder City Nights CD7-5 Transmaniacon MC CD7-6 More Fun CD7-7 Smith And Wesson Blues CD7-8 Man With Golden Helmet CD7-9 Crying Sun CD7-10 Breaks My Heart CD7-11 What Gives? CD7-12 Let The Kids Dance CD7-13 Dark Surprise CD7-14 I 94 CD7-15 Non Stop Girls CD7-16 Do The Pop CD7-17 Burn My Eye CD7-18 Monday Morning Gunk CD7-19 Ramblin' Rose


DVD-1 Aloha Steve & Danno DVD-2 What Gives? DVD-3 New Race DVD-4 Aloha Steve & Danno DVD-5 Monday Morning Gunk DVD-6 Ramblin' Rose

PLUS 40 page booklet of rare images and liner notes

The outer box of the 2017 Reissue has a red background to distinguish it from the original 2014 Box that had a black background

CITADEL Records (Aust) citcd574 (Reissue 2017) Limited Edition Box Set NEW & Sealed

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